Solid State Circuit Society in Switzerland Events

Find afterward a list of the upcoming and past events of the Solid state circuits Chapter in Switzerland.

We also try to report on the quarterly SSCs Magazines about our last events with some pictures.

When the Speakers allows there are on the link toward the past events reports, potentially their slides and the pre-print of our event report.

Upcoming Events

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Past Events 

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  • IEEE Swiss SSC : Korea Telecom Reception, Talk : 5G – Innovation for Prosperity, co-hosted Apero
    Korea Telecom Reception @ ETH Zurich The Talk is part of the ETH Global Lecture 1. Talk of Dr. Chang-Guy Hwang on 5G – Innovation for Prosperity The 5G network refers to a next-generation mobile communication technology with super-fast speed, ultra-low latency, and high connectivity. It promises an innovative platform that accelerates digital transformation in industrial fields. […]
  • IEEE Swiss SSC Talks : Circuit and Device implications for Reliable Flash and Phase Change Memory
    Non volatile memory is not only the ubiquitous storage medium in consumer applications but has also started to appear in enterprise storage systems as well. Flash technology made it possible to store multiple bits in the same silicon area, thus reducing the cost per amount of data stored. However, at current sub-20nm technology nodes, flash […]
  • IEEE Swiss SSC : Award Ceremony
    Dear Swiss Member of the IEEE Solid State Circuit Society, You are kindly invited to join us on October 2nd 2019 from 5:45 PM in the recognition of our :    1- Newly elevated High grade members     2- Past Chapter officer    3- 2019 Speakers    4- Outreach activities A live or Recorded testimony […]
  • IEEE SWISS SSCS TALK : 55nm DDC Subthrehold MCU 2.5uA/MHZ by Marc Pons (Senior Engineer CSEM)
    Dear Colleagues, CSEM stand with a long Experience in ultra-low-power digital implementation. Since the 80's, and the pioneer work of CSEM, Technology did not stand still.   Today's FinFet, FDSOI, SOTB offers improved opportunities. This work exploit strong body factor of deeply-depleted channel CMOS at 0.5V to compensate frequency over PVT to ±6%, achieving 30x frequency and […]
  • IEEE SWISS SSCS TALK : Circuits and Signaling Co-Design for Ultra-Wideband Communications by Prof. Armin Tajalli
    Modern multi-core multi-processor computing systems rely on high-bandwidth data communication between different units in such distributed systems. Chip-to-chip communication over very short distances is now becoming a very demanding topic of research. Due to heat, yield, and performance concerns, many companies are moving toward multi-chip-module (MCM) SoCs. In such systems, the data rate as well […]
  • International Conference on Noise and Fluctuations (ICNF) 2019
    2019. The International Conference on Fluctuation Phenomena started in 1968 and moved all over the world.For the first time the conference is taking place in Switzerland, for its 25th edition.   The International Conference on Noise and Fluctuations (ICNF) is a biennial event that brings together researchers interested in theoretical and experimental aspects of fluctuations […]
  • Designing Regenerative Comparators in CMOS for Low Offset and Noise
    Dear IEEE Solid-State Circuit member in Switzerland, For the second meeting of this year we propose a lecture of Pr. Abidi. on  "Designing Regenerative Comparators in CMOS for Low Offset and Noise" Subthreshold or analog sub-1V power supplies operation, are getting famous for their energy efficiency due to voltage scaling effect. The lecture discusses how to […]
  • SSCS Switzerland Chapter : Back to Back Lecture on Neuromorphic Circuits, Cogito Instruments and aiCTX
    First Seminar of the year 2019 for the Solid State Circuit Chapter in Switzerland. The venue will be Microcity Building in Neuchatel. It will welcome two Start-up company from both ends of the country Geneva and Zurich. Two refreshing lectures showing state of the art solution for machine learning down the Integrated Circuit level.  
  • IEEE SSC EPFL Seminar : Ultra low power circuit designs for miniaturized systems
    The next generation of computing platforms increases proximity to the source of information rather than to humans,  allowing much more aggressive miniaturization. The key technology for miniaturization had been process scaling, which had reduced the silicon area, increased computational capability and lowered power consumption. However, the latest deep-submicron technologies do not fit well with mm-scale […]
  • IEEE Solid State Circuit Distinguished Lecture - David Stoppa
    Title: Time of Flight 3D Sensing and Imaging: detectors, readout circuits and data processing   Abstract:   In the past few years we have assisted to a tremendous increase of the number of applications requiring highly sophisticated electronic systems capable of taking autonomous decisions during the interaction with complex environments and scenarios.      Depth sensors represent […]
  • Mixed-Signal Interfaces for the Data-Driven World
    Abstract: Our insatiable demand for sensing, communication and computing has been a key driver in the relentless scaling of CMOS feature sizes. However, as the benefits of technology scaling are coming to an end, an increasing amount of out of the box thinking will be required to maintain the progress slopes that we have become […]