Social Implications of Technology (SIT) Switzerland Chapter


Today’s Switzerland chapter of IEEE‘s Society on Social Implications of Technology was founded by the late Subrata K. Sarkar in the 1970s as “Arbeitsgruppe Gesellschaft und Technik”. It became a chapter of IEEE SIT in the 1980s.


Thomas Schmid was voted chapter chair in 1989, following Dieter Müller. Th. Schmid can be contacted by e-mail: Thomas Schmid – IEEE or by phone – see his personal webpage.

IEEE SSIT Worldwide

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IEEE SSIT “Technology and Society Magazine”

The journal of IEEE’s Society on Social Implications of Technology is, starting in 2013, published online only. For members of the society access to the magazine is included, non-members have access to part of the journal or they can take out a subscription.

2019 meetings

2019-11-27: You can’t have your world and eat it! – attendence of this meeting at ETH Zurich was 147 persons

2019-12-11, 18:30 – 20:00: Autonomous traction options for railways
Meeting with an introduction and discussion about sustainable traction for railways without overhead lines.
Location: Glockenhaus, Sihlstrasse 33, Zürich.
Please register, following the above link.