Life Member Group

IEEE Switzerland Life Member Affinity Group

The Affinity Group was founded in April 2010 by Hugo Wyss and was first convened in August 2010 in Basel during the celebration of Switzerland’s Section 50-th Anniversary (the picture below shows Jacob Baal-Schem and Hugo Wyss holding the Group’s Banner).

Today our LMAG has 200 members, of which 24 are Fellows. There are 230 LMs in Germany, 162 in Italy, 102 in France and 31 in Austria. In 2015 we had two meetings, one when we hosted the IEEE Tech Tour passing thru Switzerland, with a reception dinner in Neuchatel. This year we had a meeting on May 10 at EPFL, in conjunction with the inauguration of the Adrien Palaz Auditorium, where the local SB was granted privileged access for organizing meetings of our Section and we celebrated IEEE Day on Oct.6 in Staefa on lake Zurich with a guided tour of Robert Weiss historical collection of computers.

To be eligible as a Life Member, the sum of one’s age years and past full IEEE membership years should reach 100 years (e.g. at 65 years age one should have been member for at least 35 years).