The 15 chapters of the IEEE Switzerland section and their Chairs are:

AES-10 Aerospace and Electronic Systems Heinz Wipf
AP-03 / MTT-17 / EMC-27 Antennas & Propagation / Microwave Technology & Techniques / Electromagnetic Compatibility Join Chapter Nicolas Mora
CAS-04 / ED-15 Circuits & Systems / Electron Devices Joint Chapter Shih-Chii Liu
EP-21 Electronics Packaging Rony Jose James
E-25 Education Urs Röthlisberger
EMB-18 Engineering in Medicine and Biology Volker Koch
GRS-29 Geoscience and Remote Sensing Othmar Frey
IE-13 Industrial Electronics Luca Dalessandro
PE-31 Power and Energy Gabriela Hug 
PEL-35 Power Electronics Drazen Dujic
RL-07 Reliability Mauro Ciappa
SIT-30 Social Implications of Technology Thomas Schmid
SP-01 / C-16 / COM-19 / IT-12 Signal Processing / Computer / Communications / Information Theory Joint Chapter Thomas Mittelholzer
SSC-37 Solid State Circuits Taekwang Jang
CSC-41 / UFFC-20 Council on Superconductivity / Ultrasonics, Ferroelectronics, and Frequency Control Societies Joint Chapter Iaroslav Gaponenko