Welcome to the Swiss Chapter of the IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems (AES-CH). the place where electronics fly.

We organize and support technical and professional networking events and meetings in Switzerland, in the form of lectures or workshops on topics related to aerospace and its electronic systems.

Depending the nature of the event we promote joint lectures with partner organizations like ION-CHsvfw and AOC-CH  We also favor links to industry and academia to strengthen the network across the aerospace field in Switzerland.

For aerospace research and technical development activities different funding possibilities are in existence:

Aeronautics:                                           Space:

Federal Office of Civil Aviation                 Ambassador Platform / esa emits

Assistance for your ideas at Swiss Space Center Lausanne/Zurich

AESS Professional Networking and Mentoring Program

Mentors and Mentees have a look!

For the historically interested: Div a.D. Walter Dürig’s webpage on Swiss Air Defence

Next events

  • – currently none – for presentations/slides see past events

Supported events

  • 28th June 2019 NAVIGARE ION-CH
  • 4 – 6th Sept 2019 “Scientific and Fundamental Aspects of GNSS” ESA+ETH Hönggerberg Zurich
  • 6th Nov 2019, 17.30–19.30 “50 Jahre Mondlandung” STV Swiss Engineeering FAEL-Seminar PH Zürich, Raum LAA-G001

Interested in volunteering for AES chapter activities?

 Pease contact the chair if you would like to help in the organization of the chapter, participate in an event or have your event cosponsored by the Swiss AES chapter.